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Generators Delivered Australia Wide and Overseas

Find a generator you would like from our extensive range and we will deliver anywhere in Australia or Overseas for you. Items are packaged and loaded into containers or palletised for shipment.

All Secondhand Generator Sets fully checked in our workshop by qualified mechanics

Our trusted team of engineers and mechanics have carefully checked and serviced each item to ensure they are as per their description.  Bills Machinery servicing is backed by our 65 years in used machinery sales.

Kubota, Modra, Pramac, Wilson, Enclosed Generators, Allight, JLG, Prolite, Lighting Towers we get a wide variety through our door, call or email for a quote or further information.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for? Call 08 9343 1144 or send us a request,  our experienced team are happy to source an item or suggest an alternative product for you.

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